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OMG, Life :faint:

Thu Jun 4, 2015, 9:29 PM
So... wow. I'm on a trend of only updating my journal after major life things steamroll me, so now would be a good time to update y'all! 

Katherine Caroline Charlotte, AKA: I BOUGHT A HOUSE.

Yup. I bought a house. I went to start looking for a new apartment since mine was a death trap and my landlord was the scum of the earth, and my parents decided they'd loan me money for a down payment and so I bought a house instead! Her name is Katherine Caroline Charlotte because I keep screwing up the name of the street she's on and end up cycling through all the names just like your dad did with you and your siblings (and dogs, in my case). She's a great house, and I moved my stuff last weekend but haven't unpacked yet; I'm in the process of refinishing trim and don't want to unpack until I can get my bed out of the living room :B If you want to see photos, hit me up on Facebook since I don't want to spam DA with that sort of snapshot shit.

Coaching is hard.

I knew coaching wasn't easy when I took the job of Head Coach for my college's hockey team, but man I did NOT expect the insane time commitment it actually had on me. Every spare second of my life was devoted to that team, and though I loved every second of it I'm loving my time off during the off-season. Of course, every time I see a hockey game or see anything my brain is analyzing how I can use that to better my team, so is it ever really the "off-season"? I'm hoping they'll take me back next year because it was seriously fulfilling :meow:

In other hockey news, I'm currently sitting at 99 games played this season. And, despite my name of "Goalie Girl Til Death", 30 of those I have skated out. And I'm good at skating out, too-- It's like I know what it takes to beat a goalie or something. I've scored 8 goals this season and had about 15 assists. Cha. Don't that turn your brain upside down.

Life is hard.

Yeah. So other than making a massive purchase and having my whole life swallowed by hockey, coaching, and work, what's left of life has been kicking my ass. I'm learning I'm terrible at dealing with stress and have wanted to just run away and become a hermit several times, but I'm working through it all. I've had a few good friends supporting me and it's made all the difference. Good friends are awesome; I hope you all have a few you can count on :aww:

This also means I've had zero time to do any sort of art. I was silly and started a Year of Drawing during a break from hockey because apparently a week of freedom is enough to make me forget how little free time I actually had. Even though I've been free of coaching for a month I've been too busy to do any art of any kind, and it's starting to wear on me. My poor project, Ten Reborn, has had a grand total of two hours of work put into it since September. September! It's a sad, sad thing.

But in spite of all of that, I'm doing pretty good with the adult gig, and it's somehow making itself worth it in the end... I think.

Just don't expect to see my mug around much.


Jessie Hockett
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Yo. I'm Jessie, better known to my peers as Nutty. I'm a Graphic Designer for a local college where I produce everything from flyers, posters, brochures and marketing materials to original artwork for plays and productions.

However I work as a designer so that I can do what I was born to do: Play hockey. Nine months out of the year I'm traveling virtually every weekend to play for any and all teams that need a goalie. Some call me a whore, but I prefer the term "freelance goalie".

When it comes to my personal art I tend to dabble in everything I can get my hands on. Sculpture is my favorite though I don't currently have a studio to work in. I also enjoy digital painting and illustration, vector, and drawing. I do have a tendency to start monster projects but then get distracted by new monster projects.

Commission/Request Policy

I do accept commissions/requests... sometimes. Depending on my work and hockey travel schedule, I may accept small commissions and requests.

I do not have a set price for them, but I do ask that you donate either points or real money via PayPal according to how much you think I deserve. Think I did a great job? Donate what you can. Think I did so-so? Donate accordingly. Want to be a complete douche and insult my work? Leave a llama. I just won't be held responsible for broken or missing limbs. :paranoid:

Really, all I'm asking for is your respect. I have dozens of other projects and things like sleep I'm setting aside for your request. If you can respect that, then I can respect your personal financial status and/or opinions of my work.


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